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Chemistry is another branch of the natural sciences, which deals with the chemical composition and properties of a substance and their reactions. The subject Chemistry revolves around its basic unit “Atom”. It is the study based on atoms interacting with other atoms or molecules and various forms of energy leading to various reactions. Chemistry is known to be a bridging interface since it bridges other natural sciences like physics, geology and biology with each other. Chemistry is perceived as a difficult subject by the students’ community, but it is merely a perception since our interactive learning makes it so interesting that our students get curious to learn the insights of it. Our tutors give the comfort of learning by explaining the problem area step-by-step. SubjectTeachers online tutoring sessions help students on topics like composition of matter, atoms and their interactions like - bonding chemical equilibrium, entropy, heat of reaction , molecular structure, rate of reaction and types of chemical reactions. Other topics covered are nuclear and organic chemistry which deals with radioactive equations, decay & fusion and polymers respectively. Our team of online tutors is available at your convenient time, so seek answers to your questions from our skilled tutors round the clock.