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Students Help

1) How it works for Students?

Register by clicking the student’s button or Find an online tutor located on the home page .Register by filling your email ID and a password. Once you submit you will be ask to re-login using the same ID and password to complete your registration .Fill up the form and if you immediately need to buy a package fill in your requirement too and submit. The submit button will take you to the pricing page. When scheduling is done soon you will receive an invitation message link. Click the link to start tutoring session. There s no need for download Please be in class 15 minutes prior to scheduling time. Every tutoring session takes place in our virtual classroom. The classroom includes a chat and a two-way interactive whiteboard where you can draw or write. You can also send files to your tutor. Our tutors are recruited on the basis of their subject knowledge and teaching skills. You can discuss your homework or proceed for regular / doubt clearing session. We provide list of subjects covering Elementary, Middle, High School, College, Test Prep, Computer, Languages and professional courses.

2) What are the subjects you offer?

We offer Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English (academic), Science combined, Computer Science, Spoken English , Test Prep. and Languages. Moreover, we cover grades from Kindergarten to College level. Followed by Advanced IT courses, Foreign Languages and Professional Courses .

3) What is the qualification of your tutors?

They are trained tutors exposed to relevant curriculum and their qualifications are not below Master level. Another interesting point is that most have prior teaching experience.

4) When is available?

24 hours a day & seven days a week

5) How do you help the students?

Our methodology is that we help the student rather than solving the problem directly. It’s something like we guide them to catch a fish rather than giving a fish. This way they learn to solve own their own.

6) Can the same tutor be made available?

We shall always try and give you the same tutor which you are comfortable working with. In case if the same is not available we shall find a compatible tutor.

7) What is the minimum time consumed in one session?

1 hour is the minimum time.

8) What if my tutor is unable to help?

Although our tutors are experienced and trained professionals yet there could be a time where experts may not be able to proceed. In such situation we shall find a replacement without losing time.

9) How do I contact?

You can contact us at or call Mobile No:+91-9862034738

Tutors Help

1) How it works for Tutors?

Click the tutor button or click Become an online tutor to register for free. And thereafter we shall conduct the following test as and when we require on:

  • Subject matter test
  • Interview by experts
  • Role Play
  • Training

2) What are the subjects and grades cover?

We cover Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English (academic), Science combined, Computer Science , Spoken English , Test Prep. and Languages. Moreover, we cover grades from Elementary to College level. Followed by IT courses , Languages and Test Prep.

3) what are the benefits of being a Tutor?

• Working from home • Option to work part-time • Supplemental income • If you are good we offer concurrent sessions • You gain subject matter knowledge by helping students with their lessons • Gain teaching skills • You gain e-learning exposure

4) What is the Eligibility?

• Graduate / post graduate in the offered subjects • A computer and a Broadband connection • Commitment to work minimum 4 hours a day & willingness to work at odd hours (Night Time) • Skype knowledge

5) What is mode of selection?

  • Subject matter test
  • Interview by expert
  • Role Play
  • Training .Every stages of test is online

6) Is it a part-time or full time?

We have both part-time and full-time options. The duration choice ranges from 4 to 9 hours a day. The duration can be changed only with prior notice, you can change the duration/timings/subjects to suit your availability.

7)What is the duration for a session and do I get the same student in the following sessions?

Usually the sessions are of 1 hour. Generally for each subject, the student will get the same tutor. Only when the tutor is not available, we schedule the student with a different tutor.

8) What is the system and connectivity requirement?

  1. High speed Internet connection (Broadband ,ISDN, DSL….etc) . USB or Data Card is not allowed
  2. PC with IE 5.0 or higher
  3. At least 256mb RAM, and a Pentium 3 or above
  4. Headset and a microphone
  5. Digital Pen and Pad
  6. Microsoft Word

9) What are the duties and responsibilities of a tutor?

  1. Finding the student's needs and objectives
  2. Developing a personalized learning program
  3. Provide quality online tutoring to all students using all the tools and your own skills and knowledge
  4. Always bear in mind company’s protocol
  5. Always participate in the training and development sessions
  6. Act promptly to all communication from the company
  7. Be on time for sessions and inform in advance in case of any changes in availability

10) Do I get training?

You will be trained to use whiteboard ,tools used for online tutoring, do’s and don’ts , communication skills, familiarization of company’s methodology and the concerned curriculum and syllabus for various grades. The duration of training may take 7 to 10 days. If you have any further query email